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Whether you're looking for basic or upgraded, new or used, we’re sure to have something in stock to meet your needs. All carts have undergone a complete system inspection by our trained technicians.  A 90 Day​ Power Train Warranty is included for all purchases of Certified Pre-Owned golf carts. A 2 Year Power Train Warranty is included for all new ICON golf cart purchases.

Browse our available Certified Pre-Owned carts to find the right cart at the right price. Have your heart set on a shiny, new cart? We can help with that too. Give us a call to discuss your options. 


Browse our upgrade options to add a little flair to your new cart. Get up to a 15% discount on your upgrades by selecting three or more.

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Before You Buy

Used or New? Electric or Gas? Golf Tires or All Terrain Tires? All of these and more are discussed to ensure you are making the best decision for YOU.

Upgrade Packages

Sometimes, you want a little something extra.  Whether you’re looking for headlights, better tires, or extra seating, we know you’ll ride away happy if you purchase one of our Upgrade Packages.

Maintenance Tips

Keep your golf cart running smoothly with regular maintenance. A little time today can save you a lot of money tomorrow. We give you all the maintenance tips you need to keep your cart up and running once you bring it home.

Preventative Maintenance

While you should perform regular maintenance on your own, sometimes you need a little help from a professional. We offer regular preventative maintenance on a schedule that works best for you.




Pre-Owned vs New

Golf carts are much like cars. In most cases, buying a used golf cart can save you money while still checking off all of the boxes on your wish list. Saving money on the cart itself can allow you to throw in a few extra upgrades and remain in your budget. All of our pre-owned carts undergo an extensive inspection to make sure you are getting a quality golf cart and there won't be any surprises when you get home.

New carts come at a higher price though there are a few benefits that might make you decide it is worth it.  Most important is the longer warranty that comes along with a new cart. It will vary by manufacturer, however, it will always be longer and more comprehensive than purchasing a used cart.  Additionally, with every new model that is released manufacturers are making improvements to their products. When purchasing an older cart you may miss out on some of these changes that could improve your riding experience.

Before You Buy

Gas vs Electric

First, think about what the primary use of the golf cart will be and how often you will be using it. Electric carts run on a 36 V or 48 V battery pack and tend to be less expensive. Additionally, they eliminate the regular fuel expense that comes along with a gas cart. Electric golf carts are great for frequent starting and stopping and operate with very little noise. The down side is that the cart needs to be fully charged after each use, and typically will not last a full day if it is being used often; this can be a burden if you need the cart for more continuous use.  Other factors that can affect battery life are outside temperature, accessories in use, total weight of the load on the car, and the age of the batteries.

Gas powered carts run on a small engine similar to that of your car, and will require regular maintenance along with fuel costs. The biggest benefit for gas powered golf carts is that they are optimal for long-term, continuous use. You can keep moving as long as you have gas to put in the tank unlike electric carts which can require up to 8 hours to charge fully. The smell and noise level of gas carts can be a deterrent for many, but newer models have been improved to reduce these to minimal levels.

Maintenance Costs

Gas powered and electric carts will both require regular maintenance to keep them operating smoothly and efficiently. The amount and frequency required will vary based on the type and how often it is used. Maintenance related to the tires, suspension, alignment, brake system will be similar; however, there are some key differences to maintaining their run systems.

Gas powered golf carts require maintenance similar to that of your car including oil changes, spark plugs, fuel filters, and starter belts. This maintenance should be performed after every 50 hrs of use. Failing to perform these routine tasks can result in expensive repair bills or even complete engine failure. Costs can be reduced to parts if you are able to perform these tasks on schedule yourself. Ask us about our on site Preventative Maintenance Services if you don't have time to get your hands dirty.

Electric golf carts require regular charging to ensure proper operation and maximum battery life. Golf Carts need to be charged after each significant use. If the cart is not being used regularly then they should be charged every few weeks; the batteries should never be allowed to drain completely. Along with charging, the battery water levels will need to be maintained. The frequency needed for refilling them will vary based on how much the cart is used and the age of the batteries. We recommend checking the water levels every week until you become familiar with how your use and maintenance needs relate. The main expense with an electric cart comes when the battery pack needs to be replaced. A set of batteries typically lasts in between three and five years. This varies greatly due to the quality of batteries purchased, frequency and length of cart use, and quality of care. The costs associated with replacement can range from $800 to $1,000 depending on the type of batteries needed. Properly maintaining your batteries can ensure you get the most life out of each pack. 

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